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Lighthouse of International Foursquare Evangelsim started in 1923.  It has since reached many previously unreached in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacifics.  In our small corner of God's garden, we are taking Romania with uncommon love, building houses for Gypsies.  Our Mission to Romania started in 2015 when one of us answered a call for the farther, away from our local base.            Danny Rus has since raised a few more people to reach the Gypsies (see photo gallery)

*Foursquare Connection, the Foursquare Church International Convention holds every May.  The next Foursquare Connection 2017 is from May 29 till June 1 in Washington DC.  Registration has started, get connected.                                                                                                                              Save the dates and prepare for a whole new week of connection, worship and learning!

An experience will change your life for real.  Find out more.  

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Summer Holiday Activity

Summer Holiday Activity

Our SHA 2016 was fully funded by John Lyon's Charity, attracting children and young people of Grahame Park Estate and neighbourhood.  Activities included Arts works, Arts on Plates (Healthy Eating project) sewing, swimming (the most popular part of the whole holiday events), music, excursions various places including the Museum of London, where we re-lived the 2012 London Olympics after enjoying innovative sessions at the Supplementary Education Department.  We also had a lot of fitness exercises during outdoor sports with Barnet SHAPE and indoor with dance sessions.

Zone7 Club After School Supplements. 

STEM support for neighbourhood school children and young people for School year 2016/2017 commences soon.  2 hours sessions are held from 3.30pm - 5.30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Orion Primary School, Grahame Park Way, London NW7 2LA;

£5 each per session, sibling concessions available.

Youth crEATe

With John Lyon's Charity financial contribution to our 3 year Youth crEATe sustainability project plan, Zone7 Youth Club is working towards developing each person's sustainable future.  We have now recruited a seasoned Youth Worker, who will mentor and support young people from potentials to actualisation.  Young people ages 13 - 25 will plan their sessional activities and implement projects, led by sessional trainers.  Additional benefits are social development and occupational skills improvement with accreditation.

3 hours sessions held from 5pm - 8pm on Thursdays & Fridays and 12noon - 4pm on Saturdays at The Dining Place, 7 The Concourse, London NW9 5XB

*Free with Registration.  Call Franca on 07448412979 (mobile), or 02082057084 (answer phone).

**For youth volunteering opportunities, please use our contact form or call 07448595107.